Frequently Asked Questions

Where are we, who are we?

Where are you located?

We are located in West Auckland, New Zealand. We make stickers locally in NZ. We are a family run business.

Ordering your stickers or signs.

How do I order custom stickers?

You can order directly online for our presized stickers, or our long life digital stickers with our streamlined ordering process. You can easily select your stickers, quantities and sizes, upload your artwork and then pay online securely. If you want to order heaps, need some help, or have a vinyl cut sticker to order, please contact us directly through the quote form.

If you prefer to talk to someone, you can GET A QUOTE HERE or you can call us – 021 798 628.

How do I pay for my custom stickers or signs?

If you buy online, you can pay via Secure Credit Card payment at OUR SHOP. We also take Direct Debit when we invoice directly. If we invoice directly, and you want to pay via Credit Card, there is a 4% Surcharge.  EMAIL us (  if you wish to get a quote or order this way. We do not accept cheques or money orders, foreign currency or shells/duckets.

Can I do a rush order?

If you need your stickers in a hurry, we need to know about it before we take the order. We are not in the business of stitching people up. Most times we can help, sometimes we need to bump other jobs which may incur a rush charge. Email us at INFO@CUSTOMSTICKERS.CO.NZ to find out  if we can help.

Can I pick up my stickers?

We can arrange pickup, but we prefer using a courier for your order to make sure they get out the door and on the way to you ASAP. We use a tracked overnight courier service country wide. For overseas shipping, we use FEDEX.  Email INFO@CUSTOMSTICKERS.CO.NZ for more info.

What is your minimum order?

We have a minimum order of $140+gst for printed vinyl stickers, and less for cut vinyl stickers. Sometimes we can get around this – if you want to email through and plead your case then send us one to Beer helps your chances.

Artwork specifications

What artwork should I send?

We love vector files. These are created in  programs like adobe illustrator, or inkscape (which is free and downloadable here  When sending these, please setup as CMYK, show any color values you want matched in there so we can see what you want. Please try and send to print size if possible. And definitely OUTLINE YOUR FONTS!

But I only have a jpeg/png/other file! What do I do!

Send it all in to us and let us cherry pick it. We will either use the best file, or we can redraw it for you and provide you the file for an art charge. We will contact you if there are any dramas. We like to be crystal clear on what you need before we print.

Can you please just match my font?

Ideally, we need to know what font you have used, and get you to send it through. Head to a site like and pick one from there and we can work it out. There are MILLIONS of fonts out there!

Can you just draw up my artwork for me?

If it is something simple like ‘please draw the words FOR SALE at 400mm x 180mm in white NEXA BLACK font’ then there is no charge and no worries. If you want a full design process please contact us and we can discuss charges and sort you a plan.

Can I order a custom sample to see what my artwork looks like?

Please email to discuss – generally there is a sample charge if you want a physical sample which we may credit to a first order.  We can send stock samples out to you no charge.

Do you do proofs? How do I know what I am getting?

If you contact us, we will send a digital proof (over email) outlining the size, quantity, stock and artwork for you to double check before we print. You will need to flick us an email back to confirm it is all correct and we are good to go.

If you order online, if there is any confusion on our end to what you want, then we will contact you with a proof to sign it off before we go ahead.

Shipping and Turnaround Times.

How do you send my stickers or signs?

We ship via tracked courier – this is an overnight service to most of NZ. If shipping to a business address, they aim for before 10am delivery.  If shipping to a residential address, they aim for next day delivery. If you live in the boondocks (RD addresses, Waiheke Island etc), this may take an extra day or two. We send via non-signature courier, and will notify you when your goods are on the way. If we use freight, we will update you with your details. We ship NZ wide from HQ in Auckland.

Will you send tracking details?

We use a freight system that will email you tracking details once your stickers have been scanned into the courier system. That email contains the tracking number, and contact details for your courier. For any questions about the delivery please contact the courier direct. If you hit a brick wall, please contact us and we will look into it.

Turnaround Times

Listed below is a very general guide to how long it takes to make your stickers or signs. This may vary depending on the time of year, the size of your job and if the sky is falling down, such as COVID 19.

DIGITAL STICKERS – 1-3 working days to ship

PRESIZED STICKERS – 4-5 working days to ship

CORFLUTE and ACM SIGNS – 2-5 working days to ship

STANDARD SCREENPRINTED STICKERS – 7-10 working days to ship.

PREMIUM SCREENPRINTED STICKERS (custom ordered, not available online) – 7-10 working days to ship

Returns, problems

I have a problem, what do I do!

Contact us at, or reply to your email thread and we will sort you out. Dramas are no bueno, and we will do our best to sort it asap!



Keep reading for legal boringness.

  • If your artwork requires a proof, and you accept it, you agree that all responsibility for the content, including but not limited to spelling mistakes, low resolution artwork, incorrect stock selection or sizing is yours and yours alone. You agree to release, any person, contractor, employee or other company associated with from responsibility for any mistakes or omissions once you agree for us to proceed with printing.
  • You agree to waive your right to a proof if you have purchased and made payment through our shop. We will attempt to contact you if we have any problems or notice any issues with your artwork at our discretion. If we decide to not contact you, this does not mean that we agree that your artwork submitted is of a high enough quality to print.
  • Your confirmation of the proof of your artwork is also deemed as acceptance of personal liability and complete agreement that you, as an agent of a company or an individual will pay our invoice in full without exception, including any and all debt collection or other costs incurred when attempting to collect payment on the invoice, as per the fair trading act. Your must confirm over email that your proof is correct if you receive one. Payment is NOT confirmation to begin.
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