Artwork Guidelines - Preparing Artwork for Stickers

How to prepare your artwork for stickers

Printing stickers isn’t rocket science, but there are a few important guidelines to follow when preparing your artwork for stickers in order to get the best print results.  Check out our handy artwork guidelines below:

Sticker printing file types

  • We prefer vector files where possible, read up on the difference between vector and raster files if you need more info.
  • We accept .ai, .eps, .pdf, .svg, .jpeg, .tif, .zip files.
  • We do not accept Indesign, MS Publisher, MS word or MS Excel sheets as print-ready files. We can use these as indicator files for your artwork when we are designing your artwork.
  • MS Paint and Text Edit are NOT design programs!

Jpeg and Other Raster Guidelines

If you are submitting your artwork for stickers using a JPEG file, please check that your file is at least 300dpi (if it is a small sticker, please change it to 600dpi if possible).
Please ensure that your file is sized to print size. IE if you need it at 100mm x 100mm, please check the file is at least 300dpi at 100mm x 100mm. If it is not, your image may not print as well as you might hope.

Outline Fonts in Vector Files

Please outline all your fonts in your vector files. To do this, select all the type in your file, and head to type/create outlines. To make it easy for you, we’ve put together full written instructions with screen shot images to show you how to outline fonts using Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop.  Once you have created outlines for your fonts, this then converts it to a path. Your text will no longer be editable as a font, so please make sure you have finished editing your artwork before you create your outlines or you’ll have to go back a few steps and then repeat the outlining process.

Embedding Images

If you have a raster image in a vector file, it will need to be embedded. The other option is to zip it up in one folder with your vector file and submit the zipped file to us.

Submitting Multiple Images

Please compress all your artwork into one zip file and send it through. Please name it something specific to you, with your business name or other identifying factor, not just ‘stickers’. If you have multiple images on a pdf, please place them all into one artboard, not 20. This kills our time and will slow your order down.

Multi Page PDFs

If you have multiple images on a pdf, please place them all into one art-board, not 20. This kills our time and will slow your order down.

Need more help preparing your artwork for sticker printing?

Don’t worry, if you’re struggling with all of this tech talk when it comes to preparing your artwork for stickers, just give us a call and we’ll happily help you out!  You can also check out our FAQS page or our YouTube channel where we have a bunch of helpful tips and tricks.