Printed Vinyl Stickers


Vinyl Stickers

Our digitally printed vinyl stickers are long-life, hard-wearing stickers. They are UV laminated and will last outside for years, even in New Zealand’s harsh weather conditions.  You can print your full-colour designs on white or clear vinyl. If you want solid colours on clear, you can select clear vinyl with white ink. This lays a layer of white under the colour to make the colours pop. It does make it a bit more expensive but it is well worth it – otherwise your colours will look a bit transparent.

Our printed vinyl stickers can be used as bumper stickers, car stickers, promo stickers to give away to promote your event or brand, or even add as a ‘free gift with purchase’ when selling a product.

Our sticker printer is wide and to save on unnecessary vinyl wastage we have a minimum order based on area – this changes depending on the shape and size of your vinyl sticker.  You can combine sticker designs within this minimum order. Just select the largest size when ordering and upload your files as a zip file.  If in doubt, just reach out!

If you want a large run of large stickers, want stickers for a specific use, or need some help simply get in touch.

How long does it take to make your vinyl stickers?

Our standard service for digitally printed vinyl stickers is around 4-6 working days, however we now also have an urgent service where we can turn your job around in 1-3 working days (surcharge applies). If you would like to enquire about our urgent service please contact us directly to get a quote.  It always helps if we know your deadline in advance, so please tell us if you have a specific date you need your stickers by.  If needed we can also arrange for you to pick your stickers up in Auckland or put them on an urgent courier to avoid shipping delays.