Presized Sticker Labels

Presized Sticker Labels

Presized stickers minimise waste and cost. They are amazing as sticker labels!  Basically, they are full-colour printed stickers that come in a range of standard shapes and sizes like squares, circles, ovals and rectangles.  The minimum order quantity is 1000, and you can go up from there in lots of 1000.  This is what helps make presized stickers our most affordable sticker label option.

Presized stickers are often used for promotional purposes, event giveaways, bands, product labels, address labels, sealing packaging, saying thank you etc.  These are a good option if you’re looking for something that doesn’t need to last too long, and won’t break the bank.

Options for Presized Sticker Labels

  • Shapes – squares, circles, rectangles, rounded squares, rounded rectangles, ovals and even hearts.
  • Sizes – from 10mm up to 90mm available to buy online through our sticker shop, bigger sizes available via custom quote.
  • Quantity – minimum order of 1000 stickers, then up in quantities of a thousand –  2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 and so on.
  • Outdoor/waterproof stock – these will last in the rain and sun for around 4-6 months, give or take. Good for refrigerated products that may be subjected to condensation. Also available in a clear sticker option.
  • Indoor/splash resistant stock – not suitable for use outdoors. Good for general product and packaging labels, events and promotional purposes.


Order Sticker Labels online

Ordering your sticker labels online is easy!  Browse our range of presized sticker labels available online below, select your shape, size and quantity then upload your custom artwork.  Order and pay online and we will ship these out to you in around 4-6 working days.  Other shapes and sizes are available so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply contact us for a quote.