Building Signs

Building Signs for Your Business or Commercial Property

When it comes to attracting customers to your business, building signs play a crucial role. These signs not only serve as a functional tool to help your customers find you, but also provide a powerful marketing opportunity. With high-quality outdoor signs, you can showcase your brand, deliver a key message or sales pitch, stand out from your competitors, attract new customers and make a long lasting impression. Don’t underestimate the power of well-designed building signage!

Types of Building Signs

There are several types of building and outdoor signs to choose from, each with its unique benefits. The most common types we make are panel signs, but we can also supply custom made 3D signs, illuminated signs, footpath signs, banners and pretty much anything else.

  • Panel Signs – Our most popular building signs. These are made using cut vinyl lettering or graphics printed on adhesive vinyl which is then applied to plastic or metal signboard, typically Corflute or ACM (Aluminium Composite Material). Panel signs are used for fascia board signs, roadside signs, carpark signs and other outdoor applications. From simple, single colour signs to full colour logos and images, panel signs offer the perfect blend of economy, practicality and longevity.
  • 3D Signs – Custom made acrylic lettering supplied as individual letters or applied to a signboard and other three dimensional signage. These are great for standing out and creating an eye-catching, designer look.
  • Illuminated Signs and Light Boxes – Also great for standing out, especially at night! These are box-like signs that incorporate electrical components within them that illuminate the sign. If you already have your light box installed on your building or roadside, we can supply the skin only (and install if required), or we can supply you with the entire light box.
  • Footpath Signs – Freestanding footpath signs are available in a variety of designs and materials. We can supply both A-Frames (sandwich boards) or T-Boards (wobble boards) that come with either Aluminium or PVC panels. The bases of these are generally plastic which are hollow to allow filling with water or sand, or solid heavy rubber to stop the wind blowing them around. These are an effective, economical alternative to permanent roadside signs.
  • Banners – Portable signs made of a light, flexible material like PVC that are hung by eyelets or rope. Often used for the promotion of events or large sales, banners are great for temporary or short term signage. Banners can be made to any size, so it is easy to get a large-sign presence without the hassle of permanent installation. We can supply banners with or without eyelets.
  • Stickers & Decals – Large printed or die cut stickers (decals) can be used for signage on walls (interior and exterior), window and other surfaces. Great for general branding, building identity, creating privacy, or conveying a message.

Professional Installation Service

Some signs can be a bit tricky to install and specialist skills and equipment may be needed to ensure the job is completed safely and securely. To help you get it done right, we can arrange professional installation of your building signs across Auckland and in most places around New Zealand.

Need help with outdoor and commercial building signage?

For any outdoor and commercial building signage simply get in touch with us for a quote. We can help pick the right building signs for your needs and get the job done with a minimal of fuss.