How to Order Custom Stickers

Ordering your custom stickers is easy.

You can GET A QUOTE HERE, or work through our online shop by heading here to fill in our instant pricing calculator (digital only).

If you get a quote, a person will custom quote your order, and send you a proof to sign off along with payment details. If you use our shop, you can get instant pricing and buy online quickly.

Don’t know what you want? Get a quote, or check out this blog post to work out what sticker type is best for you.  If you get stuck, feel free to get in touch with someone from our friendly team by emailing or calling 021 798 628, and we will be happy to help you out.

1. Select your Sticker Type

Choose a sticker type from the sticker selection page. Each type is good for different things.

Ordering custom stickers

2. Online Selection or Quote Page

If you select presized stickers, you will then need to choose your shape from the options available.

If you select our digital stickers, fill in our instant pricing calculator and you can buy your stickers online.

If you want a large custom run, or can’t find what you need, fill in our sticker quote form.

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3. Select a Quantity and Size

Choose your desired quantity and size, and your pricing is calculated for you. If you choose presized stickers, select your shape and desired quantity.

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4. Upload your Art

Upload your art files, which are automatically linked to your order.

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5. Enter your Details

Fill in your shipping and billing details, and pay securely online with our NZ DPS payment process.

6. Wait for your Stickers to Arrive.

We will email your tracking information to you once your stickers have left our shop, so you’ll know when they are on their way.  It’s easy to buy with