What custom sticker do I need?

April 26, 2016

Wondering what sticker type you need?

When ordering stickers, it can be confusing to know what sticker type to order. Below are a few examples of typical scenarios we see on the regular – have a quick look and see if these apply to you!

Scenario one – Business stickers on a budget.

Meet Marc – he is a small business owner and wants some stickers to promote his products, as well as to use his product labels. He wants to spend as little as possible, and only needs a few hundred stickers. They need to last outside for a few years.

The answer? Our custom digital stickers. These are the best option if you want to spend as little as possible, and are the cheapest option we have for total spend. These are priced on area, so for the most bang for your buck make them as small as possible. You can calculate the price online and work out what is the best size for you.

Scenario two – Business stickers for labelling and products.

Meet Angie – she is a small business owner and wants some stickers to label up her products and to use to seal her packaging. She is on a budget, but needs a large amount of stickers for a cheap per sticker price. They don’t need to last long outside.

The answer? Our presized stickers. These are the best option if you want to keep the unit price per sticker down.  They come in lots of 1000, and start at about 20c per unit.  These are priced on quantity, so the more you order the more you save on the unit price. You can select your shape and quantity, and compare pricing and buy online easily from our sticker shop.

Scenario three – Short run giveaway stickers.

Meet Hemi – he is promoting a night at a local bar with 4 bands playing, and needs stickers to either sell as a momento, or giveaway and promote the event. The sticker type he wants are 90mm x 90mm, and ideally needs them to last, but depending on how much they are he can take cheaper stickers that won’t. So we have two options for him.

1 – Custom digital stickers (long life vinyl) – 90mm squares will cost him about $1.90 each, with a minimum order of about 80 stickers. If he sells them he can probably get $3 each for them, doubling his money.

2 – Presized stickers – (short life stock, lots of 1000) – waterproof 90mm squares will cost about $270 for 1000, or $390 for 2000. If he sells them at $1 each, and gives away 500 to promote the event, he should easily get his money back and get a stack of free advertising.

Scenario four – Long run high quality bumper or car stickers.

Meet Lauren – she works at a large company that has lots of visitors. People that visit her facility (whether it be a ski resort or mountain bike park) love it, and want stickers on their cars to show off to their friends that they are out there, doing cool stuff. She wants about 25,000 bumper stickers, one color.

The answer is screenprinted bumper stickers – these are super economic in long runs, and last ages outdoors.

We custom quote this sticker type as we need to see each size and job to work out the best way to do it – so if this sounds a bit like you, then make sure you fill out our quote form to the best of your ability and send it through.

Scenario five – short run high quality die cut stickers.

Meet Andy, he runs a BJJ gym and wants stickers to sell to his members so they can sticker up their cars and other stuff to show friends how tough they are. He wants to sell these for $10 each to help raise funds to buy more gear for the club.  He’s just looking for a sticker type in a single colour to display his gym’s name and logo, and wants to buy 50 stickers to start with and see how it goes.

The answer is vinyl die cut stickers (decals) – these look awesome, and will last years on cars and other stuff, and are an easy product to sell to make some extra cash.

For these we need to see your artwork to give you accurate pricing information, so if you’re keen to find out more please hit us up for a quote.

As always, we can help if you get stuck – check out our FAQs or drop us a line 021 798 628 and let us guide you to sticker bliss!