Create Your Own Stickers - Custom Decals


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You can now create your own custom made vinyl die cut stickers (decals) for all sorts of purposes!

Customise your own sticker by entering your desired text in the box above, then simply choose your font, size and colour (note: white is the best for displaying on windows or glass).  The height of your sticker will be automatically calculated based on width to keep your chosen font in proportion. The less characters that are within your sticker, the taller the height will be and vice versa.  We may also need to adjust the final width of your sticker slightly depending on the number of characters used, but it will remain close to what you’ve ordered.

Order and pay online and we’ll ship your stickers out to you within 1-3 business days.

These stickers make great gifts, especially for kids who love to brand their bedrooms, books, lunchboxes, musical instruments, sporting equipment and tech devices.  We’ve also done stickers like these for adults who like to brand their small boats, kayaks, skis and snowboards, fitness equipment, man caves etc.

Pretty much anything is possible!  So if you’re looking for something like this, but a bit different, then send us an email or click here to get a customised quote.