Vaccination Stickers


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“We are all fully Vaccinated”

Vaccination stickers for shop windows

Covid-19 is here to stay and we are all slowly learning how to live with it.  As more businesses are preparing to reopen, we have been getting requests for vaccination stickers to go in shop windows.  These stickers are perfect for letting customers know your staff are fully vaccinated, and your business is doing everything it can to help keep customers safe.

These window stickers are perfect for use during the transitional time between now and when vaccination certificates are introduced.  They are made using high quality vinyl and if installed on glass, are very easy to remove (peel off) once they are no longer needed.  Vaccination stickers are perfect way to communicate an important message to your customers and give them the reassurance they need to feel safe interacting with your staff.

You can choose from white, yellow or black vinyl, a single large (580mm wide) or two medium (280mm wide) stickers or a combo set including both sizes.

Dispatched on the courier within 1-3 business days.

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